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About Us

WillPower is a consulting company that combines ICT and other consulting assignments from a strategic and wealth creation focus. We help our partners to evolve, from their internal strength, a strategy to see opportunities even in very lean times. We make propositions on the use of technology, on lateral and vertical linkages with other sectoral players that promotes wealth creation. To us, it does not matter if yours is a large organization for we know that you will need to create technology supported external linkages with your suppliers and clients/customers – for this you will need our process realignment services. We also welcome those with small businesses, for they will need our mentoring services, and for the communities; they will need our linkages and capacity development programmes.

If you have no business whatsoever, but have a skill or knowledge that you feel certain about, then we shall help incubate your thinking into business through a fusion of ideas (ours and yours), that we shall jointly nurture. We therefore are there for you, if you are small, big, or have no idea what size you are!

Our own vision
To realize a sustainable, connected world where enterprises and sustainable development are integrated to ICT in line with the global trends of meeting the millennium development goals through ICT4D and sustainability of micro, small medium and community enterprises mentoring and incubation

Our Mission

To nurture enterprises that promote wealth creation among the value addition initiatives at the agricultural level and small and medium enterprises by supporting knowledge based approaches to ICTs focused innovation

Who we are
We are a strategy driven organization that maps business, and community, needs to practical solutions and creation of points of engagement of business owners and communities with policy and development institutions.

We have evolved a from a small enterprise development company into three businesses each with its own mandate:
1. Octagon Data systems Ltd (www.octagon.co.ke) develops ICT solutions that target automation of agricultural processes and institutions,
2. WillPower Enterprise Development (www.willpower.co.ke) integrates wealth creation and sustainability in small enterprises and community initiatives thinking, while
3. VACID Africa (www.vacidafrica.or.ke) an International NGO, was created to propagate our work to communities in Value Addition and Cottage Industry Development (VACID) through harnessing of opportunities along agricultural value chains

Projects that can be replicated anywhere in Kenya
We are currently implementing development initiatives that have impact at business and community level. We are working with:
1. Automating agricultural commodities and livestock price information for Kenya and supporting creation of community organizations to support the web-based solution
2. Automating agricultural initiative through cloud computing and collaboration with Safaricom
3. Through our own organizational initiatives and with the government and partners, we are promoting the development of Dairy, Fish, and Banana Value chains throughout the country through the creation of Aquaculture, Value Addition, Agribusiness and Knowledge (AVAAK) Centres
4. We promote eLearning through collaboration with Cisco Entrepreneur Institute
5. We promote digital mapping of development wherever we work either as Octagon, VACID Africa or WillPower.
6. We are engaged in development of a communication strategy for the Eastern Africa Farmers Federation with CTA support
7. Development of Market orientation and micro-insurance based programmes for the Cooperative Insurance Company of Kenya
8. CIAT-TSBF/Melinda and Bill Gates Foundation in the training of agricultural producers, mainly soybeans and other legumes, in value addition and creation of Soy Resource Centers in Western Kenya
9. UNIDO in coordinating a regional Business Development Services Network with a pilot in 5 countries of Kenya, Eritrea, Tanzania, Malawi and Zimbabwe. We are undertaking this locally in partnership with association of Women and Youth Enterprises in Kenya
10. University of Nairobi (UoN) in the creation of a private-public partnership in promoting research intensification at the grassroots and the creation of a telecentre hub at the Department of Land Resources Management and Agricultural Technologies(LARMAT)
11. The Kenya Agricultural Productivity Programme (KAPP) to train and support service providers for community common interest groups by developing a curriculum of learning and project management at the common interest group level
12. Kenya National Federation of Agricultural Producers (KENFAP) to realize a strong member-based institutions and their support through technology solutions that are supported by localized service centers
13. Telecentre.org to create telecentres throughout the country as a home to promote community technology adoption through our model of ICT provision in rural agricultural value addition and business centers in rural areas – VACID’s Telecentre
14. Ministry of Agriculture to convert their Agricultural Training Centers (ATCs) to become value addition and cottage industry development centers and technology hubs to promote e-agriculture, value addition, and learning in rural areas
15. Dairy sector to promote our model of ICT adoption in line with what we have achieved in the milk collection and payment systems at Githunguri Dairy Farmers Cooperative Society
16. Central Artificial Insemination Station (CAIS) to promote the creation of organized animal health workers who are supported from a single institutional setup
17. Incubating a large number of micro-enterprises that seek to tap opportunities in the Agricultural Products Value Chain (APVC) through our business incubation effort

Our Achievements
WillPower has a track record that spans a period of over 10 years of consistently developing solutions that touch on the community. We are the authors of the following national initiatives that are used as institutional vehicles to take development to the grassroots:
1. The creation of a sector wide website for the Agricultural Sector in Kenya www.kenyaagriculture.or.ke. We are in the process of creating another for all sectors: www.kenyagateway.or.ke
2. The Constituency Development Fund (CDF) which was taken to parliament and became an Act of Parliament currently the model of government-community financial disbursements
3. The Water Trust Fund which is formulated as an instrument of the commercialization of the water sector and which enabled the creation of water service boards
4. The Youth Enterprise Development initiative which was taken over by the UNDP and later integrated into the government as a Ministry of Youth Affairs
5. Promotion of value addition as a focus in Agriculture culminating in the creation of an appropriate department in the Ministry of Agriculture
6. The Street Family Rehabilitation Trust for which we were able to negotiate and locate its operations in Thunguma Centre in Nyeri through a private public partnership
7. The creation of a learning case in cooperative development through the infusion of governance and efficiency in process management at Githunguri Dairy Farmers Cooperative Society. When we started our partnership with Githunguri, their monthly payment to their members was Ksh. 5 million. Today, monthly payment to members exceeds Ksh 100 million
8. Evolution of our own bottom up social enterprise institutional initiative that is able to address research, enterprise incubation, agricultural extension support and integration of ICT to development

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What Services Do Willpower Incubator Provide?
WillPower’s incubation programme ensures that an individual seeking to start or promote the growth of their enterprise has easy access to the knowledge, experience in management, and financial resources. Invariably business incubators will provide a variety of resources or resourcefulness which may include the following:
• shared premises
• business advice
• business services
• networking
• mentoring
• a full time manager


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