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The Capacity Upgrade (IMC)

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The Capacity Upgrade established for you

Who is IMC?
IMC - Institute of Management Consultants is an intended nationally operating membership organization dedicated to promoting excellence and ethics in management for individual consultants and consulting practices of all management specialties. IMC will be based in Nairobi and has its secretariat currently being hosted on a temporary basis by APDF, international life house, Nairobi. IMC intends to further professionalism among consultants through programs and support services that enhance both the quality of services provided to their clients and the profitability of their consulting practices.

The foundation for any profession lies in self-organizing, from national, regional and then to international links. The institute will promote a professional community of management consultants where members will be able to exchange ideas and share experiences. Our members will have a unique opportunity to learn from each other and gain a competitive edge. They will know more about the changes taking place in their discipline, and in the consulting industry. As a result, our members will be well rounded and well informed.

The association to be formed will offer the following services to their members.
1. Establish a code of ethical practice

2. To set and enforce operational and performance standards

3. To develop and provide accreditation

4. To provide guidance on remuneration

5. To mentor upcoming consultants towards an ethical practice

6. To educate public on benefits of using accredited practitioners and,

7. To affiliate with other associations in Africa and the wider consulting world

For more details about how to join you can get more details from---> Click

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