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Market Linkage

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Market Linkage

Most small businesses whether formal or informal suffer from one major problem - lack of markets for their goods or services making them undersell their wares. The sequel to this is poor capital formation which reflects in an unending poverty.

What improves livelihoods is not necessarily cash; it could be exchanging goods for their equivalent worth in cash terms. WillPower came to this reality after having dealt with many smallholder farmers through the credit programme but who invested in poultry keeping when terrorism killed the tourism market, hence killing the demand for poultry and poultry products. The end results was lack of orders and hence the lack of loan repayment.

While microfinance has been a major success as a tool to alleviate poverty, WillPower seeks to not just promote microfinance, but to promote a potential to create the funds that will be used to repay any credit that the poor may take from a micro-lending institution. We promote market linkage of what a sector produces and links the same with others who produce a different product that may be needed. We started by trading on monetary tokens that we then called WEDs but have moved to dealing with stored value in stored value cards or smart cards. We link people with those that have funds to use with those that have the products and those that have excess of one produce and may need another product that may be in the possession of others who may need to procure a product through barter. The diagram to the right shows the operational mechanism behind the WillPower market linkage model. The products traded in are either the outputs of the VACID initiative or unprocessed fresh produce from the farm.

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What Services Do Willpower Incubator Provide?
WillPower’s incubation programme ensures that an individual seeking to start or promote the growth of their enterprise has easy access to the knowledge, experience in management, and financial resources. Invariably business incubators will provide a variety of resources or resourcefulness which may include the following:
• shared premises
• business advice
• business services
• networking
• mentoring
• a full time manager