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Community Involvement and thier activities

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Melia Project:

  1. Melia project Click below for Details on:

2.Prosopis(Mathenge tree) project Click below for Details on:

3.Kangema Self help Group (project) Click below for Details on:

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Why an Incubatee Needs WillPower
The incubation period for an individual business is normally one to three years. Our management, and board of directors, invests time and money in a feasibility studies to lay the groundwork for a successful incubation programme.

Africa needs many business incubators, we need others to come on board and support this focus of business development. For you to set up an incubator, you will need to conduct an effective feasibility study, which will help determine whether the proposed project has all the factors crucial to an incubator’s success which include:
• A solid market
• A sound financial base
• Strong community support and
• A policy support perspective to attract government linkage.